Producer Ilya Salkind Drafts Brooks to ‘Brew’

Award winning indie film director Stephen David Brooks (Heads N Tailz) is on tap to helm the long delayed horror feature Brew for The Ilya Salkind Company. VP of Production Joe Majestic brought the project to the company and will produce. The screenplay is by Larry Kirchner and the late James Dean Schulte. ‘Brew’ is the story of a self-styled loser who inherits a family brewery drowning in debt. His girlfriend convinces him to restart the family business despite the rumors that the brewery is haunted by his blood thirsty relatives…The Rhineharts. The cast will be comprised of horror veterans (Brad Dourif and Gunnar Hanson), upcoming talent, and unknowns selected from a nationwide talent search. A promotional teaser is available on the Ilya Salkind Company website.

Source: Ilya Salkind Company