‘Alone in the Dark’ Wraps Production

After the release of what could be one of the worst horror films ever made, Uew Boll’s House of the Dead (review), it’s really hard to believe there is something special in his next film Alone in the Dark. Read on for Christian Slaters thoughts on the film which hits theaters next fall.
“Christian Slater, who just finished filming the upcoming video-game adaptation Alone in the Dark, told SCI FI Wire that the film will recreate the spooky atmosphere of the game. “It’s loosely based on the game,” Slater said in an interview. “I played it a little bit, but I like to say that it scared me too much, so I had to stop. The movie is in a similar type of vein to that.”

“Slater plays a detective who uncovers an ancient demon-worshiping cult planning to literally raise hell in the 21st century. Fans of the video game will recognize Slater’s character from the popular franchise. “I play Edward Carnby, a paranormal investigator” he said. “So it’s like a cross between The X-Files and Blade Runner. … I just had a great time with the character. Really loved it. It was a lot of fun.”

“Atari (formerly Infogrames) is currently working on a fifth Alone in the Dark game, which will be released in conjunction with the film in the fall of 2004. Slater said that he would love to be involved in making of the game. “I’m a video-game nut,” he said. “I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do the work in the game as well.”

Source: Sci-Fi