CKY Spills First ‘Sleepaway Camp’ Set Pic!

Flyers179 writes in that “the band CKY just got back from a four day set visit of Return To Sleepaway Camp, including a band cameo. It is still filming in upstate PA and Deron (lead singer and guitarist) had some kind words to say about the movie. Currently, there is only one picture from ther set up and it has the band with Felissa Rose. Also, they’ll probably be recording a new songs specifically for the movie’s soundtrack.” Inside you’ll find that first image along with some word on what it was like on the set.
Hey Deron what did you guys do at Sleepaway Camp?
asked by nicknolan(diehard) on Tuesday, October 14, 2003

its true…the band and i spent an amazing 3 days in upstate Pennsylvania on the set of “Return to Sleepaway Camp”, hanging out with all the cast and crew who were all extremely cool people. we did a brief shoot for a CKY cameo but i swore i would not give away any of the movie’s story or surprises so dont even ask. the possibility of a new CKY song on the soundtrack is also likely. im going to be posting various pictures from this 72 hour party in the photos section so check them out. Sleepaway Camp fans should be psyched. the movie is going to be extremely sick and twisted!

Source: CKY, Flyers 179