Universal Puts the Hush on ‘Dead Silence’

We broke the news (here) live from the San Diego Comic Con that James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s Silence would be officially changing its title to Dead Silence. Dead Silence already being the third title (Shhhh… being the first), now it looks like it might be chaning once again. The film is a ghost tale about a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw who takes more than people’s lives. The movie is aiming at a 2007 release from Universal, read on for the skinny…
Dread Central had the chance to speak to writer Leigh Whannell after a test screening about the ongoing search for a new title; “Apparently Martin Scorsese has the title of Silence locked up,” he tells DC, “so we are looking at a few other options right now.

“Leigh had suggested “The Doll“, but producer Mark Burg chimed in that he was also up for calling it “Mary Shaw“, after the main character in the film. A decision will have to be made soon as the trailer will be debuting in front of Saw III in October, and we can expect to open the film early next year,” DC explains.

Source: Dread Central