A Hands On Look At Devil May Cry 4

After a lot of waiting and anticipation, Devil May Cry 4 will be here soon for PS3, 360, and the PC. And now you can go online with your PS3 and 360 and download the DMC4 game demo. The game impressed me a lot more than the previous Devil May Cry games. There were only a couple off putting things I noticed while play the game (They did put a disclaimer at the beginning of the game that stated it is a demo and may be buggy.). The controls are pretty great. The camera is fixed in certain areas, but free flowing in others and it’s very easy to rotate around as you’re fighting. Some of the camera angles when the camera is fixed however can be quite annoying.

The music that kicks in when you start fighting enemies, is awful. It’s basically like a techno metal band Capcom hired for the game, and it’s the same song every time, and it’s bad. I’m a big video game music nerd, I don’t let the game music effect what I think of the game though. I just stay silently upset they didn’t do a better job with it.

Other than those small things, the game looks very promising, the graphics are looking pretty good so far, they could be a bit better in the actual game play. The main character is quite cocky as usual, but backs it up with some ass kicking combos.

If you want to shell out an extra $20.00 for the collectors edition (so far looking well worth it), you get the soundtrack for the game, the making of, Devil May Cry: The Animated Series Volume 1, and lots more. If you’re not into all those sweet fireworks, then just the game will be fine I’m sure.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting