Reshoot Central: ‘Messengers’ a Mess, ‘Grudge 2’?

We received word today that Sony Screen Gems has a lot of reshoots going on in their camp, both from Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures (we’re still waiting for a good movie guys). I’m not blasting Sony for the problems, specifically because they have had some nice surprises in theaters over the past few years (ie Exorcism of Emily Rose), but I am yet to see a good movie by those nice fellas over at Ghost House. I hated The Grudge and despised Boogeyman, when are we going to see something good? Apparently there’s some trouble at the camp and we’ve got details inside…
First, we received word that Ghost House has just wrapped reshoots on The Messangers, which was directed by the wayyyyy over-hyped Oxide and Danny Pang. But here’s the kicker folks, the reshoots were done by another director (whom I cannot name), but apparently Raimi and co. are very happy with his work. The film, which stars Kristen Stewart, Dylan McDermott, Penelope Ann Miller and John Corbett, hits theaters January 19th.

As October 13th approaches, The Grudge 2 is still being worked on and after a recent test screening in California, the crew is heading to Chicago for reshoots of their own, Dread Central reports. Star Amber Tamblyn tells DC, “Yeah, I heard it is going to go through a complete re-edit, and there were also major issues with the ending I guess. I’m leaving for Chicago in two weeks to do some re-shoots on it.

The sequel delves into the secrets behind the grudge’s wrath and introduces a seemingly unrelated host of new characters who find themselves connected by the curse.

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Source: Bloody-Disgusting, Dread Central