Magnolia Makes Major Release Date Announcements

As 2006 moves forward one studio has been making a name for itself, while making a major impact in the States. Magnolia Films has all sorts of tricks up their sleeve, and has been really good to us horror fans thus far. Not only have they acquired two outstanding horror films (from what I’m told), but unlike other studios, they’ve already set release dates! There’s nothing worse than reading about how amazing these UK or Asian horror films are and having to wait years for them- try six months here. I love you Magnolia. Read on to see when you’ll be seeing The Host and Severance in theaters near you.
The Host is breaking records across Korea as we speak and you’ll only have to wait until January 29th, 2007 to see Bong Joon-ho’s film, which concerns a carnivorous mutant in Seoul’s Han River that attacks city folk. The monster itself was created by Weta, Orphanage, and Creature Workshop. Click here for trailers, posters and tons of images.

Chrispoher (Creep) Smith’s Severance is hitting UK cinemas this Friday while Magnolia will bring this hilarious horror film to the US on March 9th, 2007. In “Severance,” an international arms dealer rewards his six-member sales division of corporate execs with a weekend team-building retreat in the mountains of Eastern Europe, where they encounter a renegade war-crazed soldier seeking revenge. Click here for trailers, posters and tons of images from the film.