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Vampirella Is Back This October…With A Vengeance!

Last month it was announced that “THE BOYS” publisher Dynamite Entertainment had acquired the rights to one of horror’s truly iconic comic book characters, “VAMPIRELLA”. For a long time now the character has been forced into an existence of obscurity, but that is all changing this Halloween as the publisher has some major plans in store for the sexy bloodsucker. Inside you can get all the news on the future of “VAMPIRELLA” as well as a look at the teasers.

Bleeding Cool News Reports…

“The Vampirella Archive Premiere Hard Cover Editions will run the earliest Vampirella stories from the beginning, including the likes of Frank Frazetta, Barry Windsor Smith, Waly Wood and Neal Adams.

While Vampirella Masters SC series will kick off with the Grant Morrison and Mark Millar run, then the Warren Ellis run, the James Robinson run and more.”

The Full Report Can Be Read here



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