Fox Atomic Blasts off with B-D and a Clip from ‘Turistas’

Mark your calender folks, December 1st marks the official launch of Fox Atomic as they’ll release their first acquisition, Turistas, which stars Josh Duhamel, Melissa George and Olivia Wilde. We just begun talks with the sister studio to the legendary 20th Century Fox about some really cool promotions coming up, but before we even get into that stuff why don’t you watch the exclusive clip from Turistas by reading on.

One of the cooler things they plan on doing is on Halloween, Tuesday, October 31st, the Carnival of Lost Souls will completely take over to unleash all sorts of new content for our loyal horror fans. Along with contest giveaways and live interviews, we’ll also be premiering the first glimpse of 28 Weeks Later and Hills Have Eyes II. Most importantly, all of it will only be available to the online die-hards like yourselves.

In addition, they’ve launched a special game site for ‘Turistas’ entitled Paradise Brazil– you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled here for tons of clips, pictures and promotions from the film, which is the tale of college-age backpackers who embark on a dream vacation along the Brazilian coast. After an accident leaves them stranded, they discover a beachside bar filled with revelers, only to end up drugged by the locals and two of them kidnapped.

Watch this spot for tons more from Fox Atomic starting NOW.

Source: Exclusive clip here