‘Halloween’ Gold Discovered, Time to Dig More!

Fangoria scored some amazing news from the ghouls over at Synapse Films. Don May Jr. of Synapse Films gave Fango the exclusive news of an astounding discovery regarding John Carpenter’s Halloween, “What we’ve got is pretty much all the unused original camera negative from John Carpenter’s original ‘Halloween,’” he continues, “luckily, Billy was able to find this material before it was destroyed… the story on how we got the negative is a long one, but we’ll save it for when we’re able to showcase the materials in some way. Kirkus should be commended for pretty much saving the Holy Grail of horror films.” Click the link above for the full story. In the 1978 film a psychotic murderer institutionalized since childhood escapes on a mindless rampage while his doctor chases him through the streets.

Source: Fangoria