The ‘Massacre’ Hits Today… Should You Go?

New Line Cinema’s remake of the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre hit theaters today, but should you give your hard earned cash to go see it? After you read my review, head on in to check out all sorts of goodies to help you decide whether or not to see it. Also inside is some news on a possible Chainsaw prequel! Post your reviews and comments in our official TCM review thread
News on a prequel at the bottom.

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You Want Interviews?

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Heres the prequel news!

Moviehole writes, “‘Joe Tucker’ tells us he recently caught up with new ‘Leatherface’ “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” star Andrew Bryniarski to chat about the Bay-produced remake. And here?s the kicker: Bryniarski says he mightn?t be reprising his role for the recently mooted prequel, or a sequel for that matter.

Says Bryniarski, “I never say never. I love being in the company of horror heroes as Leatherface, if a screenplay and premise indicate that I should, I would do it in a minute. I am not interested in following up what I believe is a new genre masterpiece, with a sequel that is made just because of a guy in a mask. That has been done before (in references to the previous Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequels). I believe my contribution to this film is more than just wearing a mask for him. I have to be excited and inspired by the opportunity of coming back. If they can come up with an idea that matters to the original premise that can be told in a fresh and exciting way then I will be the first one back. I am not just going to be the guy in the mask for sequel purposes.”

Bryniarski is also up for the role of comic book character “Lobo,” in a Warner Brothers big screen adaptation that?s taken years to get off the ground.

“I will hopefully do Lobo with Joel (Silver) at Warner Brothers, but I am just staying busy. Where you will see me you will just never know, so keep your eyes open.”

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