Leatherface and co. Join the ‘Texas Chainsaw Chronicles’

With New Line Cinema’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning only a month away, this is some great news to keep people talking about the franchise even after Platinum Dunes’ sequel exits theaters. Today Fangoria reports that Leatherface and co. may be coming to DVD in an original series entitled Texas Chainsaw Chronicles, much like the recently announced Sarah Connor Chronicles. Read on for the skinny.
Fangoria writes:

It appears someone is seeing further potential in the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE mythos beyond the big-screen fare, and is considering an original DVD series entitled TEXAS CHAINSAW CHRONICLES. Curious that this comes to us shortly after this week’s reminder that the SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES TV series is forging ahead (with THE X FILES’ David Nutter at the helm of the pilot). Fango learned of the CHRONICLES project just yesterday, and through further digging discovered that Terence Evans is returning to play the hobbled pervo “Old Monty”–which could only mean that this series is taking its cue from the recent New Line films and will center around the Hewitt clan. But is New Line, or production entity Platinum Dunes, involved? It would seem natural. Our sources do say that MPI Home Video (which releases the original CHAINSAW in a gala two-disc set on the Dark Sky label September 26; is somehow playing a part in making this happen.

Source: Fangoria