Opposite Attack on the Horror Formula?

During an interview with Celluloid Shockers, Rob Zombie explained why his sequel will be better than most horror sequels, “For horror movies, what usually is the downfall (in sequels) is that when you have evil characters returning, they tend to get more loveable with each return until they’re not scary at all, so what I’m doing with the sequel is making it much darker and grittier, down beat film with the characters being a little less funny and humorous. I love Captain Spaulding, I think he’s a great character, but if he continues on that direction then he’ll be this guy with funny one liners. I want to turn everything in the opposite direction and make him a much meaner, more unlike able character, as with everybody else.” For the full interview, follow the link. House of 1000 Corpses 2 is set for an April 2004 release.

Source: Celluloid Shockers