Tatopoulos Officially Gets Off the ‘Meat Train’

We had removed Patrick Tatopoulos as director of Lionsgate’s The Midnight Meat Train awhile back, but today official word came down that he is officially off the project. Fangoria reports that Lionsgate is actively pursuing a new director to replace the FX guru and that the reason for his departure was a conflict of project timing. You can read the story inside. The story features a commuter’s run-in with a New York subway serial killer and a horde of subterranean cannibals.
Fangoria writes:

Patrick Tatopoulos, FX maven behind the UNDERWORLD films and Barker’s cable movie SAINT SINNER, was originally expected to make his directorial debut on TRAIN–but a busy schedule and other factors, Fango has learned from a source inside the artist’s shop, is preventing Tatopoulos from taking the helm. Barker’s Midnight Picture Show company has now begun the search for a new director. Tatopoulos will remain on board as a creative consultant, however, and one can only speculate that his shop will contribute in the FX department. With TRAIN no longer a priority, this might leave him with more time to focus on another directorial prospect, the Dracula-themed LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER, for Phoenix Pictures.

Source: Fangoria