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Why Aren’t You Reading This? Jesus Hates Zombies #1 Featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves #1

In my recent visit to the comic book store, I came across Jesus Hates Zombies #1. This comic is right up my alley and I purchased it that day. The story is about Jesus fighting the zombie hoard and uniting the rest of the human population….also a time traveling Abe Lincoln is his sidekick. Honestly, this is one of the best off the wall comics I have read in years. It borrows from one of my favorite comics of all time, Tales from the Bully Pulpit; which featured Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Edison fighting on distant planets. See kids, history can be fun if you throw zombies and aliens into the mix. More info after the break…
Jesus1 Jesus2
Artwork by STEVE COBB

The zombie plague has swept across the Earth, and Jesus has been sent down to take care of it.
Along with Laz, his loyal zombie sidekick, Jesus must unite the remaining humans to stand up and
defeat the zombie menace. With a time-traveling Lincoln at his side, and a zombified Angel hot on
their heels, can this mish-mash of heroes save humanity… and themselves?

$7.95 | BW | MATURE READERS | 64 PGS



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