Original Ending to ‘Feast’ Revealed

Dimension Films is finally prepping the release of Feast (review), which has abound a pound of dust on it from being shelved for nearly two years. Today we’ve been given the exclusive details about one of the extras on the DVD release, which will hit retailers October 17th. Read on to see how the film originally ended before they did re-shoots and some solid editing. Feast gets a limited theatrical release September 22nd. In the film a group of strangers gather in a bar where they’re attacked and systematically killed by monsters.
*What’s great about this scoop is it does NOT give away anything in the new cut of the film, so you don’t really have to worry about spoilers*

In the first version of FEAST, the monsters were set up throughout the film as being kinda like vampires- the sun bothers them. There are numerous little tid-bits with flashlights that cause them to cower in fear.

In the finale to the film, the massive creatures, which you can see to your right, were apparently also in the cave during Tarantino’s FROM DUSK TILL DAWN because when sunlight hits them they explode. So how do our heroes survive? They blow open holes in the wall so the sunlight kills the monsters. Yikes indeed. Good thing they changed it!

You can check out the final version of FEAST in limited theaters September 22nd.