First Description of Nemesis!

Bloody-Disgusting Exclusive: Inside is a description of some photos you might be seeing in November form Resident Evil: Apocalypse thanks to Dreammaster. There’s a description of Milla’s new costume and of what you can expect Nemesis to look like! Read on for the skinny.
Dreammaster writes in the following scoop, “My friends uncle is the films director of photography and he sent me some photos from Resident Evil 2 and it shows Milla jumping up in the air kicking Nemesis into a brick wall. Nemesis is very similar to the game version, although this is a movie and you know they modify alot of elements from games made into movies. Milla’s costume is very unique as well, it looks very apocalyptic,like there is a war, she has a red tank top covered by a fish net-like tank top, black pants with one pant leg missing and combat boots, you know very unique. Nemesis has the same costume from the game and as well as Jill and Carlos. Nemesis is the most unique because he has many humanoid features, he is not too tall and not too giant, instead of gross tenticle veins grown through his chest and biceps, they are metal pipes!!

Well this picture and many others will be posted in mid-November.

Source: Dreammaster, B-D Exclusive