Ghost House Launches Unique Mobile Campaign

Welcome to the next gen in promotional marketing as mobile phones are the next to be blasted with ads and interesting marketing strategies. Today Ghost House Pictures announced their special plans for promoting The Grudge 2, which include phone calls from characters in the film and three exclusive short films created just for mobile phones. Read on for the full story and check out Takashi Shimizu’s film in theaters October 13th.
The Hollywood Reporter writes:

Sam Raimi has produced three exclusive shorts that will be part of an extensive digital marketing campaign to promote Columbia Pictures and Ghost House Pictures’ “The Grudge 2,” which will be released Oct. 13. Fans can download them to their mobile phones or watch them on the movie’s official Web site for free. In addition, those who volunteer their mobile phone number will receive a surprise call from Kayako or Toshio, the terrifying ghosts at the heart of the movie’s plot. Dwight Caines, Columbia TriStar Marketing Group executive vp worldwide digital marketing strategy, said these and other aspects of the campaign were designed to suggest that the sequel to the 2004 horror hit would take the original’s story to “the next level” as it ranges beyond the haunted house of “The Grudge.”

Source: Hollywood Reporter