New Trailer, Clips and Tons of Images from ‘Rest Stop’!

Inside you’ll find links to the new trailer, clips and a ton of official stills from Warner Home Video’s Raw Feed release of Rest Stop, which hits DVD on October 17th. Stop follows two young people on a road trip from Texas to California… They pull into a rest stop because Nicole has to pee. When she comes out, her boyfriend and the car are gone and she’s left in the middle of nowhere. Then this yellow truck appears with a driver we hardly see who, for some reason, has decided to stalk and terrorize her. It becomes a cat-and-mouse situation during this long night trying to thwart the bad guy, find her boyfriend and stay alive.

Official Trailer: YouTube

Sneak Peek Clips: The Flame: Will Nicole (Jamie Alexander) escape the fury of the flame?

Run Down: Even the cops are victims of the Rest Stop

Click any pic below for over a dozen official stills: