Rob Zombie Introduces ‘Halloween’ Re-release

I have my fingers crossed that you horror fans show up for New Line Cinema’s theatrical re-release of A Nightmare on Elm Street this weekend and Dimension Films’ Halloween October 30-31st- why? Because if this is a success can you imagine what else we might get to see on the big screen once again? The possibilities are endless. It was revealed last week that the re-release of John Carpenter’s classic film would also feature a special interview segment before the film, which has now been changed drastically (for the better). Read on for details.
Dread Central writes:

Remember a few weeks back when we told you that the special feature that would accompany the original Halloween back to the big screen would be a 20-minute segment of fans talking about their love for the series? Well, either we were misinformed or those behind it listened to our cries and changed their minds; either way we win!

We’ve just learned that instead of fans, we’ll be getting interviews with the original stars like PJ Soles, Nancy Loomis, and Charles Cyphers as well as composers Alan Howarth and John Ottman, who will likely be discussing the influence Carpenter’s legendary soundtrack had on their works. I’m sure there are some other stars who got screen time as well, but we’ll have to wait for its limited re-release to know for sure.

As an extra bonus, we’ve also learned that the new featurette will end with a special message from Halloween “re-imagining” director Rob Zombie that I’m sure the fans will dig. Keep it here for more as we learn it!

Source: Dread Central