‘Abominable’ Screenings, Signing and DVD Release!

Ryan Schifrin’s Sci-Fi Channel Big Foot movie, Abominable, is coming to DVD courtesy of Anchor Bay October 3rd- but that’s not the news. Inside we’ve got details on a special in store signing here in Burbank, California, along with word on screenings in Austin, Texas! “Abominable” centers on a paralyzed man who is trapped in a remote cabin and must save a group of college students vacationing nearby from a menacing monster.”
Below are the press releases:

It’s the news you’ve all been asking for. “Abominable” comes out on DVD OCTOBER 3rd!!

And for all you folks in Texas, or those of you that have friends in Texas, come see “Abominable” on the big screen at the prestigious Alamo Drafthouse in the 2006 Fantasic Film Festival. Come meet Haley Joel, Ryan Schifrin, and myself. We will be there this weekend and doing Q&As after each show.

Here are our showtimes:
Friday, Sept. 22nd at 3:45pm
Saturday Night at 11:30pm on Sept 23.

Check out the really cool lineup and schedule at www.fantasticfest.com

And for those of you in Los Angeles, we’re having a DVD Release Party on October 3rd at 7pm. Tentatively scheduled to be on hand for the signing at press time were Director Ryan Schifrin with performers Matt McCoy, Christien Tinsley, Mike Deak, Karin Anna Cheung, Ashley Hartman, Phil Morris, Jeffrey Combs, Dee Wallace Stone and Natalie Compagno. If you’re in the neigborhood, stop by. It will be held at:

Dark Delicacies
4213 W. Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

Source: Official website