‘Feast’ Writers Team Up for Another Pair of Genre Films…

Weinstein Co. and Dimension Films appear to still be getting their feet wet on their own after their exit from the mouse house. After a few disappointments, Pulse being the most recent, they really have a lot of great looking films on the horizon and are making announcement after announcement that can only mean good things for our beloved genre. This evening yet another two films were announced by the new genre fav, and it’s good news for the writers of Feast, which just hit limited theaters this past Friday. Details can be found inside.
Dimension is getting a double shot of horror. The label has picked up Midnight Man, the latest script from Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, the writers behind the company’s upcoming splatterfest “Feast,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The deal calls for Dunstan to make his directorial debut on the project.

Separately, the company also acquired The Neighbor from the scribes.

“Midnight” centers on an ex-con who is in desperate need of money to pay off his ex-wife to prevent her from leaving town with their daughter. When he breaks into the country home of his wealthy employer in an effort to steal a valuable jewel, he realizes that his family has been abducted by a masked killer who has rigged the house with deadly traps.

Source: Hollywood Reporter