New Details on ‘House of Re-Animator’

Be broke the news back in 2004 that Stuart Gordon would be returning to the Re-Animator franchise by directing House of Re-Animator, the first of three new films featuring Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs). Here and there little bits of info have been reported, but nothing has become concrete as Brian Yuzna and co. are still awaiting financing for the film. Today a little more juice has been revealed about the project, which can be read inside.
Dread Central got in touch with Brian Yuzna who tells them, “We are working on getting the script to House of Re-Animator. Halcyon is organizing the financing and presales.

He goes on to state that while we’ve only been hearing about the idea of Herbert West in the White House for a few years now, it’s actually much older than that; “The idea for West in the White House began as the concept for the first sequel, Bride of Re-Animator.” he explained. “It took place during the Reagan years and picked up directly where the first movie left off and include a re-animated Meg. In the past few years Stuart Gordon has gotten very enthusiastic about the House idea and he and Dennis Paoli came up with a completely different version, which is funny and outrageous as well as being pretty gory.

Though most fans enjoyed the last film, Beyond Re-Animator, for it’s over-the-top gore and somewhat ridiculous situations, one thing was noticeably absent; the presence of West’s long-suffering sidekick, Dan Cain. “House incorporates what to me is the most important element of a further Re-Animator story, which is resolving the conflict between Dan Cain and Herbert West,” he continued. “Bruce Abbott has been very supportive and I think he might enjoy having Cain go mano a mano with West.

For the full story, which includes details on a new comic, click the link above.

Source: Dread Central