‘Donnie Darko’ Back in the Spot Light?!

If you’ve never heard of the film Donnie Darko, have you been living under a rock? Richard Kelly’s debut film has already received cult status and has only been out for two and a half years. Inside is news about Donnie being re-released in March, a book based on the movie, a McFarlane action figure and more! Quick, read on for the details.
Aint it Cool received the following scoop, “Richard Kelly, writer-director of Donnie Darko, attended a special screening in San Diego where he announced an upcoming book and Todd McFarlane figurine based on the 2001 cult classic, as well as a potential theatrical re-release in March of 2004.

Here’s some of the highlights from the scoop:

* When asked about his struggles filming Donnie Darko and whether he expects his struggles to get worse, Kelly clarified that filmmaking is always a struggle. “There’s always 20 bozos who’ll screw it up,” he complained. “They’re not in it for the art at all; to them it’s just a business.” He discussed his next film, Knowing, which has been caught in legal entanglements; principal photography won’t begin until early next year, due in part to the film’s $15 million budget. (Darko, which was made for more that a third less, failed to earn back production costs.)

* The Donnie Darko book – not a novel, more like a production book, like the Matrix coffee table book – is already available inLondonand contains the screenplay, including unproduced scenes. It will be available in theUSshortly.

As he got up to leave, the SDFCS representative reminded him of his special announcement: he is in negotiations with Newmarket Film Group to re-release Donnie Darko next March, including more pop music removed since it was shown at Sundance, and, more importantly – it will be a Directorís Cut. He claimed it may include stuff not available on the DVD. He did not specify how wide it will be distributed.

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Source: Aint it Cool