‘Maniac Cop’ Coming to DVD from Synpase!!

Oh that’s right, you guys know you’ve been waiting to get this bad boy on DVD. What’s there to not like about it? You’ve got Bruce Campbell, Robert Z’dar, Tom-freaking-Atkins and some crazy killings that left dents in your childhood memory. Today details were released on Synapse’s upcoming DVD, which hits retailers next year.
Synapse Films gave Fangoria a peek at the cover art and the full disc specs for its new edition of MANIAC COP, William Lustig’s original 1988 chiller starring Bruce Campbell and Tom Atkins as a young police officer and a lieutenant who take on a superhuman killer (Robert Z’Dar) garbed in the blue uniform.

The disc sports a new 16×9-enhanced high-definition 1.85:1 transfer remastered from old vault materials, with new DTS 6.1 and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround audio tracks along with the original 2.0 Surround sound. Supplements include:

• Audio commentary by Campbell, producer/writer Larry Cohen and others
• New featurette with Z’Dar
• Additional scenes filmed for Japanese TV broadcast
• Theatrical trailer
• TV spots

“Other surprises” are also promised, and the disc will retail for $24.95.

Source: Fangoria