Aussie Fav John Jarratt Exits ‘Grind House’?

I finally thought all of the negative press surrounding WeinsteinCo.’s Grind House has settled. After production shut down on Robert Rodriguez’s “Planet Terror” and the delay of the film we hoped everything was going to be clean sailing from here. Guess again. Today we learned that Aussie fav John Jarratt (Wolf Creek) that he was dumped from Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof”. Read on for the story.
John Jarratt has revealed that Quentin Tarantino discourteously dumped him from the filmmaker’s upcoming pic, “Grind House”, according to

Tarantino met Jarratt – who is on the trail of a comeback since the success of last year’s “Wolf Creek” – in Australia last year, and gushed over the veteran Oz talent. The Australian actor was reportedly one of Tarantino’s favourite actors, and he looked forward to working with Jarratt in the future. Later, it was said that Jarratt was offered a role in Tarantino’s “Grind house”.

Talking to Woman’s Day, Jarratt says he was contacted in March about doing a role in the film, but never heard another word about it.

“My wife Cody was excited. We’d got the passport thing sorted out and we were all ready to set off for the States with our two kids, just waiting for a start date, so it was a real kick in the guts when nothing happened,” he told the Aussie mag.

“I’m really bewildered. God knows, Quentin might ring up next week and say he’s ready to start, ‘Get over here’. And I might do it but I might not. I kind of wish he’d left me alone and it had never happened.”

Jarratt next appears in Greg `Wolf Creek’ McLean’s giant crocodile thriller, “Rogue”.