Meet the Entire Cast & Crew of ‘Driftwood’ in Hollywood!

Oh my lord… just wait until you see this. Are you a fan of Tim Sullivan and his 2001 Maniacs? Are you getting excited for his World Premiere of Driftwood, which takes place Friday, October 20th as part of the Screamfest Horror Film Festival (purchase tickets here)? If you’re planning on attending then you’re really, really going to be excited after you read this- pretty much the entire cast and crew will be coming for a special Q+A following the screening (looks like Isolation might get bumped back just a tad). Read on to see who’ll be there and get ready to freak.


Tim Sullivan

Ricky Ullman
Talan Torriero
Diamond Dallas Page
Lin Shaye
Connor Ross
Jeremy Lelliott
Russell Sams
Baelyn Neff
Frankie Levangie
Shahine Ezell
Cory Hardrict
John Walcutt
Lou Beatty

Mike Richardson
Bud Smith


Buy the Full Festival Pass here (screenings only)
Buy the Full Festival Pass here (includes all parties)

Friday October 13:
7:30 The Tripper (World Premiere)
(Regular Admission Tickets here; Ticket with After Party here)

Saturday, October 14:
Noon Spirit Trap (UK) (Buy Tickets)
2:00 Shorts Program #1 (Buy Tickets)
4:30 Shorts Program #2 (Buy Tickets Soon)
7:30 The Beach Party on the Threshold of Hell (Buy Tickets)
9:30 The Lost (West Coast Premiere) (Buy Tickets)

Sunday, October 15:
Noon The Phobic
2:00 Shorts Program #3 (Buy Tickets)
5:00 Rest Stop: special Sneak Peak (Buy Tickets)
7:30 Frostbiten (Sweden) (Buy Tickets)
9:30 Night of the Living Dorks (Buy Tickets)

Monday, October 16:
7:30 Fingerprints (Buy Tickets)
9:30 The Hamiltons (Buy Tickets)

Tuesday, October 17:
7:30 SLiTHER (DVD Sneak Preview Screening w/James Gunn (Tickets FREE here!)
9:30 Feast: Unrated Edition (Tickets FREE here!)

Wednesday, October 18:
7:30 Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horrors (Red Carpet Premiere) (Buy Tickets)
9:30 Automaton Transfusion (World Premiere) (Buy Tickets)

Thursday, October 19:
7:30 The Gravedancers (Buy Tickets)
9:30 Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes (Special Theatrical Screening) (Buy Tickets)

Friday, October 20:
7:30 Driftwood (World Premiere) (Buy Tickets)
9:30 Isolation (West Coast Premiere) (Buy Tickets)

Saturday, October 21:
Noon Fallen Angels (Special Sneak Peak) (Buy Tickets)
3:30 The Marsh (Buy Tickets)
5:30 The Quick and the Undead (World Premiere) (Buy Tickets)
7:30 Hatchet (Buy Tickets)
9:30 Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (Buy Tickets)

Sunday, October 22:
6:30 Awards Dinner: Honoring Clive Barker (Buy Ticktes)

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Feast: Unrated Edition: (REVIEW)
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The Gravedancers: (REVIEW)
Hatchet: (REVIEW)
The Hamiltons
Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror
Isolation: (REVIEW)
The Lost: (REVIEW)
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The Quick and the Undead
Rest Stop: (REVIEW)
Spirit Trap
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