Freddy vs Jason vs Ash has a Sperm Problem?

Bruce Campbell tells Capone of Aint it Cool, “What’s more likely–not much more likely, but a little more likely (than Evil Dead 4)–is the other rumor concerning Ash vs. Freddy vs. Jason. We have been talking about doing an Ash loan out, like actors used to do when they were under contract, loan out an actor to another studio. In this case, we’d loan the character of Ash. But it would have to be contractual that Ash would have to kick both their asses. He would have to win, or I wouldn’t do it. The idea has been bandied about on a purely bull**** level by junior executives at New Line who may not have the sperm to kick it up to the decision-making level. If anyone was really serious, the franchises would have to talk.”

Source: Aint it Cool