*Romero’s Fourth Still the Living-Dead UPDATED*

Inside is a huge update on Romero’s fourth zombie flick, which is just like a zombie.. the living-dead. The film, which is in fact still being worked on, but yet waiting for the green light has had some minor problems. The problems dig a little deeper than the just the title, which is once again going to change. Another surprise is that John Carpenter may become involved if things don’t pan out between Fox or Anchor Bay, read on for some excitement and a synopsis!
Fangoria writes, “The first order of business is, of course, the long-mooted fourth in his zombie trilogy. Undead fans have been waiting nearly 20 years for a follow-up to DAY OF THE DEAD, and rumors began circulating back as far as 1998, with the latest buzz that a script has been making the rounds for backing. Romero advises that this film, currently titled LAND OF THE DEAD, is definitely an active project, but it has no set production date and its fate is still uncertain. Among Romero’s three active features, LAND is the furthest from production; he has an agreement with Fox Searchlight (which scored this past summer with the zombie variation 28 DAYS LATER) to write and direct LAND, but this is still tentative. “I have other possibilities if Fox drops it,” he notes. “I have interest from another place.” Romero also reveals that John Carpenter may be involved: “John would like to produce it or do the music.” Follow the link above for the full story and more on his other films.

Dark Horizons added the following synopsis to the same scoop above, “Basically the film will take place in a city in where the remaining humans live and focus on the people who must leave the city in order to retrieve the “finer things in life” such as perfumes, fabrics, and the like. (he noted this was based on his home town of Pittsburgh and how city, being in the shape of a triangle, could easily be cut off from the rest of the world by one wall). He also made a later note that he would probably continue having the lead actor being african-american.”

Dark Horizons also adds, “An audience member mentioned the fact that they had heard Anchor Bay offered to foot the bill for the film and he confirmed this, stating that if the Fox thing fell through he would rework the script to fit an Anchor Bay budget.”

Source: Fangoria, Dark Horizons