Hooper Reveals Everything ‘Chain Saw’ Related!

So far New Line Cinema’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning has grossed nearly $40 million worldwide thus far- not astounding, but still enough to warrant a sequel. Today we had the distinct honor of talking with Tobe Hooper, the creator of the legendary Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Leatherface, who scooped us some heavy snackings in preparation for his next Masters of Horrors entry, “The Damned Thing”, which airs on Showtime October 27th.
This morning B-D reporter Elaine Lamkin went one-on-one with Tobe Hooper, the man behind Leatherface and his crazy family, to talk about Mick Garris’ upcoming Masters of Horror: Season 2 and his film, “The Damned Thing”, which airs October 27th on Showtime.

While the full report is still on the way, we did score one hell of a scoop that’s going to get all of you Chainsaw freaks freaking out. When asked about the recently announced Texas Chainsaw Chronicles he replied that he will be the executive producer on the TV show and that he hopes it airs after… get this… The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3, which is currently in development.

It was also revealed to Bloody-Disgusting that he is writing a new book about his original ground-breaking Chain Saw with co-writer Kim Henkel. He tells B-D that the book will be “a view from the nucleus.” Hooper also hinted that the book might even be adapted in some way or another. Watch for more news and an interview as it comes in.

Tobe Hooper’s Masters of Horror episode “The Damned Thing” was written by R.C. Matheson — An unknown monstrous force descends upon a small Texas town, turning husband against wife, brother against sister, parent against child. Tortured by his own tragic past, Sheriff Kevin Reddle (SEAN PATRICK FLANERY) must overcome his horrific rage if he is to restore order. MARISA COUGHLAN and TED RAIMI also star in this apocalyptic tale of terror.