DVD Review Madness: Six New Titles to Check Out!

Only one week until Halloween!! I’m trying as quick as I can to dump loads of reviews onto you guys so you have some idea of what’s good to watch around our favorite holiday. Today I added six news review for you to check out- all of the films now available on DVD. Read on for short blurbs and links to the full reviews, along with images, trailers and more details.
Live Feed review by Ryan Daley: “Admittedly, the make-up effects were impressive, especially when the budget is taken into consideration, but solid, low-budget gore cannot single-handedly save a movie that appears to have been written by a bunch of 12-year-olds who just watched Hostel at a sleepover.

An American Haunting review by Tex Massacre: “I suspect that much like DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS, AN AMERICAN HAUNTING had all the potential in the world to be a good movie. In fact, moments abound in the project that show some real filmmaking prowess. The problem is that those glimmers of hope are buried under an overabundance of filmmaking.

Abominable review by Tex Massacre: “Fans of the genre should be hooting, hollering and high-five’n their buddies and bouncing on their sofas when the final credits roll – and that’s the best you can ask for from a classic-styled creature feature.

Sinful review by Tex Massacre: “SINFUL is a living, breathing, celluloid nightmare – a tragic chronicle of one woman’s slow and painful disintegration.

Ju-On: The Grudge 2 review by : “As far as Ju-on 2′s relevance in the series goes, I found it ultimately more satisfying than the original and infinitely more appealing than the US re-make. The intensity and immediacy of the filmmaking is more focused and references to the original material make for a more rounded story arc.

Feast review by : “While I won’t spoil, there are a few ballsy deaths that immediately won my respect. And while it might have been the ultra-amped sound system, it was intense.

Source: B-D Reviews