A Zombie Holocaust in ‘Hostel: Part II’?!

I’m finally back from my sleepless trip to Prague where I had the distinct pleasure of watching El Roth wrap production of Hostel: Part II, which is still looking for a new release date. After a 40 day shoot the team is heading off to Iceland for a few pick up shots before jumping into post and we’ve got all the details forthcoming here on your favorite horror website, Bloody-Disgusting.com. Until I’m given word to share some details, all I can give you guys right now is a juicy, delicious, cannibalistic scoop, which can be found inside. Enjoy!
While enjoying the single best set visit I’ve ever been on, I learned that horror legend Ruggero Deodato has been cast in Eli Roth’s highly anticipated Hostel sequel in an amazing cameo role. Although I can’t spill details I can tell you that the Writer/Director of the infamous Cannibal Holocaust is in one of the best “holy sh-t” moments of the film.

Watch this spot for a quick interview clip with Ruggero later this week.

This time, the story follows three women who, while studying abroad for the summer, learn the grim truth behind the Slovakian hostel and its international counterparts. German would play a wealthy girl trying to figure out her next step in life, Phillips would be her best friend and Matarazzo will be a tag-along.

Jay Hernandez, Lauren German, Heather Matarazzo, Bijou Phillips, Vera Jordanova, Roger Bart, Richard Burgi, Milan Knazko and Stanislav Ianevski star.