Super Halloween Scoop: Skinny on ‘Se7en’ Prequel!

Ok guys, I am holding in my hand something that’s going to make your Halloween right now. I’ve been saving this treat for weeks now just so I could share it with you on Halloween — and this is NOT to be confused with the comic book that’s being talked about on other websites, this is the real deal, the freakin’ prequel to Se7en! Read on for the skinny.
Short and sweet news here. I’m holding in my hand right now the treatment for the prequel to Se7en, New Line Cinema’s cult classic from 1994, which was a police drama about two cops, one new and one about to retire, after a serial killer using the seven deadly sins as his MO.

The treatment, which is now being sent out for writers, is entitled Virtue – why the change of name? Well the idea was to keep the prequel a secret, but who in Gods name could keep that quiet? The film would be released and marketed as it’s own entity, but when the finale comes to light we are hit with a revelation that we’re watching the next Se7en film.

This is in fact REAL, 100%, but things will change down the line as it becomes scripted. After I find a few minutes to read the treatment I’ll make sure to post a mini-review of the idea and tell you what I think.

Watch this spot for more.