‘Saw IV’ Scoop Correction… Actual Writer Revealed!!

Ok, we just nearly caught an egg in the face and ducked just in the nick of time. We reported incorrectly here last week that Joanna Daniel would be writing Saw IV for Lionsgate films — we were on the right track but made a mistake along the way. We spent the whole day digging to try and fix our erroneous ways before we were smashed with the egg and we finally did it! One of the various writers for Saw IV is… Thomas Fenton, who also wrote a film entitled Red, which also follows Little Red Riding Hood (see the mix up now?) who has grown up and become a tough werewolf hunter in New York seeking revenge on the big bad wolf who killed her grandmother. Watch for more news as it comes in, Saw IV hits theaters October 26, 2007.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting