‘The Eye 3’ Find a Director, Synopsis Revealed

It was announced today that master filmmaker, Tsui Hark, fresh from his success with last year’s Seven Swords is teaming with Hong Kong’s visionary producer Peter Chan on The Eye 3, the next installment in the hugely popular The Eye franchise, according to a press release that went out last night. Read on for the synopsis. Thanks to B-D reader ‘HKgent’ for the skinny.
Synopsis courtesy of The Little Film Company:

Psychiatrist Ching is mourning the tragic loss of her husband, Dave, in a deep-sea photographic expedition accident. Overcome with grief, she is unable to free herself from the debilitating grips of emotional turmoil. Dave went missing whilst photographing an ancient ruin deeply submersed in unknown waters, a headless corpse was subsequently recovered in the following days. After Dave’s inexplicable death, Ching begins experiencing a vivid, recurring memory of her lost husband entering the labyrinth of the ancient city and vanishing suddenly. Having never dived in her life nor laid eyes on the ruin herself, the striking details and intense authenticity of the memory hold Ching hostage to the idea That–through his dying memory–her husband may be trying to reveal something to her about his accident. Simon–a patient of Ching who fell ill after the sudden death of his lover–has been confessing to her about his belief that, on the verge of death, a human being can see the departed. Desperate to be reunited with her beloved, Ching is profoundly affected by his claim and decides to take a leap of faith by extracting her own blood and casting herself at death’s door. Unexpectedly, she actually finds what she was looking for…

Source: The Little Film Company