SpookyDan Reports from the FearNET Launch Party!

If we learned anything from the past, we’ve learned don’t trust the hype unless there’s actually something in front of you, which is why we were so impressed with FearNET’s official launch and party this past week in Hollywood, CA. Bloody-Disgusting’s SpookyDan was on hand and has some details about the new Comcast service, which is sure to take our beloved genre to the next level. Read on for the story.

Horror gets BIG at Fearnet
October 31st, 2006
By SpookyDan

It looks as if the major players and studios in Hollywood are finally catching on to the fact that Horror is a huge deal- and the fans aren’t just a few crazy Goth and metal kids just looking for loads of gore. We are everywhere and if SAW III pulling in 35 million isn’t enough to prove it that horror is king, let Fearnet be the proof. Fearnet is a Video on Demand channel on the Comcast cable network, reaching millions of households, and they, like our pals at MonstersHD, are for real! It doesn’t stop at just television though.

What’s special is that for the many of us don’t have cable, (we have Dish or DirectTV) we can go online and download movies, trailers and short films. Similar to us at Bloody-Disgusting, they boast multiple message boards, reviews and downloads, but unlike us they aren’t here to bring you the daily news scoops and buzz reports. They want to bring you films! I spoke with Andrew Fegley one of the founders of the interactive portion of Fearnet, as he told me that they want to work hand in hand with the websites like ours, “I go to those sites everyday and love what they are doing! We as a horror community can all work and uplift the genre by having many different websites and opinions, even some of the smaller horror sites are doing great work, and it takes a lot of hard work to run one!

The reality is that we have been burned before by false “TV” stations promising us a `horror channel’- this time around the big guns behind Fearnet are working really hard to bring us a horror network, with original programming, movies and interactivity… and it’s already live!

If the scope of the very expensive launch party is any indication of how serious they are, we horror fans are in for some good stuff! Man of the hour Darren Bousman (with his kick ass girlfriend Laura), and Shawnee Smith of SAW III were busy having fun with other celebs. James Gunn, Michael Rooker, Courtney Solomon, Mike Mendez, Ryan Schifrin, Lance Henrickson, Rider Strong, Helene Udy and even Roger Corman were all on hand! The party was a blast… let’s hope they are as serious as they seem to be.

Source: FearNET