Ruggero Deodato Talks ‘Cannibal Holocaust 2’!!

Earlier this week (here) we broke the news that legendary Cannibal Holocaust director Ruggero Deodato would have a cameo role in Eli Roth’s Hostel: Part II– today we have something even more exciting. Originally I had a very special video interview with Ruggero, where he breaks his silence about Cannibal Holocaust 2, only the stupid file is corrupt (boo!). But at least I am able to still view the file, so inside you’ll find our exclusive scoop on Cannibal Holocaust 2!
While in Prague on the set of HOSTEL: PART II Ruggero tells Bloody-Disgusting exclusively that he already has the idea for CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST 2, which he will now both write and direct. He tells us that on set Eli [Roth] gave him the courage and strength to do it and to go on with the project.

Originally he had put aside the job as director because he was afraid that the sequel would be too strong and raw for American audiences. After watching HOSTEL he now sees that the audience has taste for these type of films. He reallly likes how Eli shoots his movies and feels that they are very similar.

When asked about the story and when it might be shot he explained, “[I have] something in my mind… something written… [but] for now, silence,” he continues, “I talked with Eli and Eli said ‘yes, I like’ .”

In the original an NYU professor discovers the true nature and intent of lost film makers, who were making a documentary on primitive cannibal tribes, when he returns from the Amazon with their footage.

Ruggero was arrested after the release in 1980 and questioned by police who thought the film was real.