The Return of Sloth!

Clint over at Moviehole writes, “Was talking to a couple of folks at both the local Astoria newspaper and the national park where the first “Goonies” were filmed and they both said they’ve heard the rumours – and actually seen Hollywood-types floating about – that Goonies 2 is clandestinely about to get started. ‘Capt.Brody’, works at a division of the government in the area, and says he’s heard something more concrete “Richard Donner has been scouting the locations here for months. He’s finished the script. He’s told most of the cast to hush about it. He’s got Spielberg’s thumbs up. He’s had to wait because Sean Astin had to do some re-shoots for the newest Lord of the Rings movie back in New Zealand. Over the next few months they’ll be settling in for filming”. The local tells us “It’s going to be released in time to coincide with the twentieth anniversary of the first film. Looking forward to it”. As yet, the same park from the first film is yet to be booked..”

Source: Moviehole