A Return to ‘Wolf Creek’ Still in the Works!

It’s no secret that Writer/Director Greg McLean has had Wolf Creek 2 in the back of his mind, but when will be see a sequel, and more importantly will Jeff Jarrat return at the creepy Mick Taylor? Inside you’ll find all of your answers, along with a pretty interesting story about the Weinstiens. Wolf Creek centers on a group of backpackers who have a run in with a loopy stranger, played by John Jarratt. It was supposed to be the vacation of a lifetime in the Australian Outback – full of fun, sun and adventure. But what happened to a trio of twenty-something backpackers took a wrenching detour into the depths of unrelenting terror.
Moviwhole.net writes:

“Though “Rogue” is obviously his main concern at the moment – concern isn’t the right word though, because it’s a slick piece of work – Australian writer/director/producer Greg McLean still has plans to bring maniacal Mick Taylor back to theatres…. Sometime.

Though a “Wolf Creek” sequel isn’t atop of his immediate ‘must do’ list, McLean says it’s still the plan to dress John Jarratt in his check cotton flannel again and have him terrorise some more tourists in the outback.

“I possibly will be [doing the sequel]”, says the talented Melbourne-based filmmaker. “I want to do it. It’s such a great character”.

McLean says that The Weinstein’s wanted a sequel right away, but he decided to wait. “The first I met the Weinstein’s, at Sundance, they said ‘How much to do the sequel?’ I just said I didn’t want to cash in now. It just wasn’t right, because what that says is that the first film’s not serious – it takes something away from it. I’ve never been against popping out sequel after sequel – Saw, for instance, has an ingenious plot that you can do it with that – but [Wolf Creek] was designed to be a particular kind of horror film, not the kind of film you can just pop ‘em up. They get trashy. I’m really proud of the film and I don’t want to just put out a piece of shit – so if it takes two or three years, it doesn’t matter”.

Meantime, the filmmaker says he’s keen to work again with Michael Vartan – the hero of “Rogue” – on something else.

Source: Moviehole.net