MOH: First Look at Mick Garris’ ‘The V Word’!

Today we’ve been provided with a new clip from this season’s Masters of Horror, which will air 11/10 at 10PM on Showtime. The clip is from Mick Garris’ The V Word — when two teenage boys break into a mortuary in hope of seeing a dead body, the macabre punishment visited upon them will far outweigh their crime. Instead of fulfilling their morbid curiosity, the boys are attacked by a rampaging vampire and must ultimately decide whether to sacrifice themselves or survive as blood-thirsty killers. Ernest Dickerson directs. Also included is a teaser for the next Dexter, read on to check ’em out!


Dexter A: “Circle of Friends” (airdate 11/12 at 10PM on Showtime)

Dexter B: “Circle of Friends” (airdate 11/12 at 10PM on Showtime)

Source: Official website