Some News on the ‘Lost Boys’ Remake talked to rising newcomer Greg Cipes about the slew of films he has coming up. Firstly, Ring of Darkness. “It’s like a current day Lost Boys with a little spin on it. And these zombies have been around for all this time and they go switching from band to band. They wind up killing all these people at this big 2004 sold out concert, tour party. That winds up being it for me. I?m over all the violence and all the killing and all this stuff and they want to chasting me up on this island and they want to kill me. My sister’s played by Ryan Starr. The way it was written, the way it’s coming off, it kind of looks like a current day Lost Boys kind of vibe to it. Like the enchantment of vampires and the way they can pull people in and the way they suck the world in and the way they live on forever by taking other people’s souls and keep living on.” Thanks to