UPDATE: Lionsgate Closing in on ‘Saw IV’ Director

UPDATE: CLICK HERE FOR THE STORY. It seems as though we haven’t stopped talking about Lionsgate’s Saw franchise since, sh-t, December of 2003 – and here we are breaking yet another story, this time about who is in hot and heavy talks to helm Saw IV, which is already aiming at a October 26, 2007 release. Dying to know who it is? You might not know who he/they is/are, but we sure do and we’re more excited than you can even imagine! Read on for the skinny.

We broke the news that Feast writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton have been working on a their own story for Saw IV, while at the same time Thomas Fenton (Red) was working on his. We also knew there was a fourth writer, who we’ve yet to confirm… but maybe this major scoop will clear some of the air?

I’ve been hearing the rumbling for a few weeks now (various names in the mix, any of which could end up directing), but tonight I’ve crossed paths with a certain someone who was able to confirm one of the names. Do you remember a little French film we’ve been praising here as B-D entitled Ils (review) (US title: Them)? Or maybe you’ve heard about a remake Lionsgate is working on with Cruise/Wagner entitled The Eye? What do they both have in common?

Both films were/will be Directed by both David Moreau and Xavier Palud — two names you might never forget by the end of 2007.

What we’ve been told by numerous sources (that have all checked out) is that David Moreau has been at Lionsgate multiple times for meetings on the possibility that he MIGHT helm Jigsaw’s next adventure (if he even returns). He is all but confirmed, but in heavy talks. No word on his directing partner Xavier Palud, who we would assume would join him at the directing post.

The second the news breaks we’ll have the story, so keep your eyes posted here at Bloody-Disgusting for all things horror!

Who will bring Jigsaw back to life? We might have yet another name for you later this week.