Review: John Fallon’s ‘Deaden’ is Anything But Dead…

It’s always a great day when one of our own gets something special accomplished — today we scored an early review for John Fallon’s Deaden, which he both wrote and stars in! Read on for the skinny on Mr. ArrowintheHead’s latest dirty deed! In the film, ex-undercover cop turned biker Rane (Fallon), witnesses the brutal murder of his pregnant wife by his crew who have learned about his old policemen days. Shot through the head with a crossbow and dumped into a canal, Rane is believed to be dead… but he miraculously survives the ordeal. Upon his exit from the hospital, he arms himself to the teeth and goes on a drug fueled, psychotic rampage, all in the name of unapologetic retribution.
Directed by: Christian Viel
Written by and Starring: John Fallon
Review by: Christopher White

So last night I come home from a hard days work of pimping silly rich chicks for that new PS3 system and I see a package at my door. The first thing I wonder if it’s that Kilo of coke I ordered from that very cool Columbian site online but instead discovered it to be a screener copy of the Indie flick DEADEN.

Some of you may have already heard about this flick starring John Fallon from, it’s a film he wrote and co-produced with director Christian Viel. I like to keep my reviews pretty basic and to the point so let me start off by saying this is a B-level movie all the way. Shot obviously on a micro-budget, it still had a lot of stuff going
for it.

The story was pretty simple stuff. Ex-undercover cop turned biker Rane, witnesses the brutal murder of his pregnant wife and daughter by his crew who have learned about his old cop days. Upon his leave from the hospital, he arms himself, loads up on painkillers and goes on a drug fueled, revenge driven rampage.

Director Christian Viel did what a champ with a micro-budget could do shooting on HD and that was give out a bunch of creative shots, stylish filters and above average editing. The look of the film had me jazzed in a lot of areas; it looked very slick and gritty although a few areas did look a tad flat.

On the acting front, John Fallon did his thing well; he was solid enough and hit all the right emotional beats when he needed to. I felt for the dude who was out to kick some serious ass and take names… well later. The rest of the cast of unknowns was decent enough for this type of budget and flick. I especially enjoyed his coked up Buddy (probably the most coke hits in a film since SCARFACE) played by Deke Richards with all the guns and loved the Forensic cops cracking the jokes.

Appreciatively, there was lots of action in this film, almost as much gun play as CRANK and RUNNING SCARED. The hand to hand fight scenes for the most part were pretty well staged so I was a happy boy. And you want blood and gore – well you got it! Let’s see: heads being blown-off, shards of glass being swallowed, a f*** up rape scene, some dudes nut sack being eaten (and not in the Pamela Anderson good way either), interesting choice of using a pool cue, grinded down asses and lots more!

DEADEN was anything but DEAD! It was a kick ass of a good time! This is the type of flick that you take for what it is, over the top violence; B-level acting and a simple story that just says fuck it! Even with its fumbles why not sit on the sidelines and cheer it on as it makes its touchdowns. I was entertained and in the end that’s all that counted.

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