UPDATE: Coming-of-Age Horror Film ‘Teeth’ Goes Sundance

Official website found here, official still inside!! We’ve just been informed that Mitchell Lichtenstein’s indie drama/horror/coming-of-age horror pic Teeth has been accepted into competition by the Sundance Film Festival. The movie has been talked about for quite sometime because if its interesting subject matter… a girl with teeth in her vagina (yeah, you heard right). You can read on for an amazing story from this past April about the films shoot and problems (because of the teeth). The film stars Hale Appleman, Paul Galvan, Julia Garro, John Hensley, Trent Moore, Josh Pais and Ava Ryen Plumb. Lichtenstein wrote, directed and produced the film. Read on for the crazy story.

Published in April of ’06:

A low budget film currently filming in East Austin is catching some heat from neighbors. They are asking whether the film is an artsy horror flick or pornography.

“My objection is not to the people, but to what they’re doing and what they’re filming,” resident Silver Chisum said.

The movie, “Teeth,” is a coming-of-age horror movie that involves a woman with teeth in her vagina.

“It’s just terrible. It’s not hardcore as I would understand such a thing, but it is not fit for humans to see or children. I don’t know who the audience would be for a movie like this,” Chisum said.

Some of the residents in the Windsor Park neighborhood are outraged saying they would not have signed off on the film crew making the movie in their neighborhood had they seen the script.

“Then when I found out that it would have porno shots in it, and it going to have stimulation of ******* and that type of thing in there, nuh-huh, that ain’t going to get. I was deceived,” resident Michael Hoover said.

The film’s publicist says that’s not the case.

“They had nothing to hide. There was a synopsis available. There was a script available. All they had to do was ask questions about the film. They just didn’t have any questions to ask,” “Teeth” publicist Richard Lormand said.

The Texas Film Commission says this movie is a legitimate one.

“We were given script pages of the film, and we read this, and in no way does it meet the criteria of a pornographic endeavor,” Texas Film Commission Director Bob Hudgins said. “This leaves things to facial reactions, and there are acts of violence that do happen in the film, but there is not graphic sexual content in this film whatsoever.”

Hudgins says the state does not support pornographers nor do they help them make movies in Texas.

He does say that horror movies are part of the “In” thing right now, and that this movie will likely receive an R rating.

Source: Sundance