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Dark Horse Let Fans In With Some Interior Artwork From The ‘Let Me In’ 4 Issue Mini

Well, even though the author may not be happy about the fact that his beloved (and nearly classic) vampire novel “LET THE RIGHT ONE IN” will be getting moved over into the comic book realm with added characters, back-story, and scenes, publisher Dark Horse doesn’t seem to be to worried (sigh) as they are pressing on with the series. The first arc will begin in October, and Comic Book Resources sat down with series scribe Marc Andreyko and Patric Reynolds to talk all things “LET ME IN”, and the duo even revealed some art to go along with the plethora of new info. For all the details and the photos make the jump. Read on for the skinny.

Here Is An Excerpt From The Interview That Can Be Read In Its Entirety Over At Comic Book Resources

“Coinciding with Comic-Con International in San Diego, Dark Horse has announced that its first four-issue “Let Me In” miniseries by Marc Andreyko, Patric Reynolds, and cover artist Sean Phillips, will begin shipping in December. The project, first announced at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, will tie in with the October-debuting movie “Let Me In,” the American film based on the nuanced vampire novel “Let the Right One In,” which has previously been released as an acclaimed film from Sweden. CBR News caught up with the creative team of Marc Andreyko and Patric Reynolds to discuss the “Let Me In: Crossroads” miniseries.

The Dark Horse series will tie in with the American film version of “Let Me In,” which recasts the characters Eli and Oskar as Abby and Owen, respectively. The world established in the movie will present Andreyko and Reynolds with the opportunity to tell a number of original stories. “Abby (Eli) is the catalyst for this story as her feral vampirism reverberates across the lives of anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross her path,” Andreyko said of the comic.

Newly-released information reveals that “Crossroads” will find Abby, the childlike vampire, and her caretaker struggling against the machinations of a real estate tycoon scheming to wrest control of their homestead by any means necessary. Beyond that, it would seem vampires are not the worst monsters in this town. Andreyko further revealed that the story would be set in 1982, just before the opening scenes of the new film. As for the motive behind the developer’s brutal actions, the reason is pretty straightforward. “The property is valuable because it stands right in the center of a new retail development. And they don’t want to sell,” Andreyko told CBR. But Abby isn’t the only one feeling the brunt of this tycoon’s aggression. “He has a son-in-law and their relationship makes Will H. Macy and Harve Presnel’s relationship (in ‘Fargo’) look positively warm and fuzzy.”

“LET ME IN” Issue #1 Drops This October From Dark Horse Comics!



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