French Terror ‘ILS’ (Them) Being Remade!

Funny enough how one thing leads to another… the other day we talked about the possibility that David Moreau and Xavier Palud (The Eye, Ils) would directed Saw IV, which isn’t true at this point, but while digging we scored some really interesting info that hasn’t been announced just yet. Read on for the skinny on yet another remake.

Bloody-Disgusting has learned that Rogue Pictures is developing a remake of David Moreau and Xavier Palud’s astounding horror film, Ils (review), which will go by the title Them here in the States.

We’ve also discovered that a script has already been written based on David Moreau and Xavier Palud’s story, which is based on actual events. The events that it’s based on are 100% true as I remember reading stories about the events on Google years ago. Anyways, we’ve discovered that Christopher Borrelli has written the first draft of the remake.

Borrelli wrote Whisper for Gold Circle and Universal Pictures.

In the film: Lucas and Clémentine, a thirtysomething couple, are expats in Romania. They live in an isolated house in the suburbs of Bucharest. Clémentine, a French teacher, and Lucas, a novelist, live in peaceful happiness. However, one evening in their house, everything is turned upside down. Rain is beating outside. The telephone keeps ringing… distant voices at the end of the line… incomprehensible. The couple are not alone. The nightmare begins. THEY are there…