Five New Reviews: Spread Some Holiday Cheer?

It’s time to start picking out those DVDs that you think your friends don’t have, which I’m sure they already do, but if they don’t maybe we can suggest one of four titles we’ve just reviewed? If you read on you can check out new reviews for five new titles now available on DVD, two of which are Christmas classics that you should definitely watch with your Grandparents.

Black Christmas: Review by Tex Massacre:”BLACK CHRISTMAS is almost minimalism horror cinema, yet that restraint is inarguably part of the charm that makes the film not only still relevant, but still unsettling today. Someone much smarter than I said “they don’t make `em like they used to”–well to that all I can say…are you there Hollywood…it’s me Billy.

Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out): Review by Tex Massacre:”CHRISTMAS EVIL instantly conjures up every manner of Santa slasher film that has perpetrated the screen since Bob Clark’s BLACK CHRISTMAS sensationally fucked the holiday up for everyone. But, if you take the film’s original title to heart, you’ve got to expect something much more diabolical and psychological and that’s what Jackson delivers with this production.

After Sundown: Review by Tex Massacre:”As far as the look and feel of the film goes, again, it seems that the real waste was in not focusing the entire film as a western. All the credibility garnered by the skillful execution of the flashback scenes is utterly squandered in the murky mess that makes up better than

Source: B-D Reviews