International ‘Hostel: Part II’ One Sheet Goes Deep Inside

What in God’s name is this? I’m not being negative at all, I’m just in a state of shock at the bizarre imagery I’m staring at. Today an International poster for Eli Roth’s Hostel: Part II (set visit teaser) was posted online and I have to say, it’s pretty f’n insane (can I add this to my top ten posters of 2006?). Lionsgate and Sony have finally decided on a June 8th date here in the States, hopefully more goodies will follow soon — watch this spot for one of our several exclusive set reports coming in 2007. This time, the story follows three women who, while studying abroad for the summer, learn the grim truth behind the Slovakian hostel and its international counterparts.

International poster comes from IGN:

Source: IGN