New ‘Hills Have Eyes’ Poster Finally Gets It Right!

The first poster for Fox Atomic’s The Hills Have Eyes II was a complete bust and a Photoshop mess (see it here), then we saw an International poster that was really f’n cool (see it here), but after two tries they’ve finally got it right! Read on to see the latest rendition of the poster from Wes Craven’s new film, which hits theaters March 2, 2007. In addition, Fox Atomic has launched a contest where you can win one of the new one sheets signed by the legend himself, Wes Craven! Now this is what I’m talking about!
Ever since Fox Atomic debuted the new Hills Have Eyes II teaser at the beginning of Turistas a couple of weeks ago, the anticipation for its online release has been thick enough to cut with a knife (or perhaps even a chainsaw). Well the wait is finally over! They premiered the teaser yesterday to the online world, click here to check that out.

On right now you’ll find the HHE2 teaser as well as an exclusive interview with Wes Craven from the set in Morocco!

Now the poster looks great, but what it’s really missing for us horror diehards is a big Wes Craven autograph smack dab in the middle of it. Being the kind, loving horror-master that he is, Wes went right ahead and added it to a few for us, so we’ve got a plethora of Hills Have Eyes 2 posters signed by Wes Craven himself to give away to users. All you have to do is register on the sweepstakes page here and you’ll be entered to win. The contest starts today and ends on January
12, 2007, so hurry up and get your name in the running!

Source: Win a Poster Here!