A Special ‘Christmas Treat’ from Tim Sullivan!

Writer/Director Tim Sullivan has a very special holiday treat for all of you fans out there. After the release of 2001 Maniacs many of you have been asking to see his short film A Christmas Treat, which was shot back in 1985… well today you get to open one of your presents early! Read on to see Tim’s short film exclusively here on Bloody-Disgusting and don’t forget to check out his second feature film, Driftwood, on video this spring. Tim is currently prepping2002 Maniacs for Lionsgate Entertainment.

‘Twas the night before Xmas 1985– I made a little 16mm holiday short that planted the dark and twisted seeds that would inevitably yield the harvest of 2001 MANIACS. 21 years later, come holiday time, those who have seen it still ask me about this Yuletide nightmare and those who haven’t ask me how they can. Well, kiddies, courtesy of my buddy Brad, here is a Bloody Disgusting exclusive from me to you with deep, deep thanks for an amazing year filled with Pleasant Valley maniacs and Driftwood ghosts. Here it is…. A CHRISTMAS TREAT. Spread the Red….” — Tim Sullivan